Chemical composition of FOB pumice

sample : Fukutoku-Oka-no-Ba(FOB) drifting pumice released by the August 2021 eruption.
location : Matsuwa, Minamishitaura-cho, Miura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. googlemap
collector : Hiroyuki Shioi
collection date : June 18, 2022
analysis : major element and trace element
equipments : EDX(major element), LA-ICP-MS(trace element)
analyst : FURUSAWA Geological Survey
note : Fifteen pumice stones were randomly selected and analyzed using sand-sized particles ground in an agate mortar.
The sand size particles consist of pumice type volcanic glass.
MPI-DING StHs/80-G(andesitic volcanic glass) and ATHO-G(rhyolitic volcanic glass on Iceland) were used as references.
usage : public domain

please download this link (zip compression of excel data)

Harker diagram of major elements

Trace elements normalized by upper crust


Phenocryst mineral with strong magnetism